Android Box Setup

             Step by step guide

Idiots guide to installing apps

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Connect the android box to the tv with the HDMI cable and to the wifi using network with Lan cable if possible

Go to settings, Device preferences / Security & restrictions and select Unknown sources allowing Chrome and Filemanager to install apps, please note you will need to go back here later to allow more apps to be installed

Type the link you have been given into the top of the url Google Chrome and wait for download notification to appear

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Select Local Memory / Download and select the APK file (file name)

Once you have downloaded the link a pop-up will appear, Now go to filebrowser/filemanager and to Local Disk

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2021-01-18 11_56_06-Window13.png

Select the download file, here you will a the file you have downloaded, click and install this file onto your device

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Press the Install button and install app onto your device

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Once installed press open and login with your provided account details

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