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How to setup wizztv on iphone / ipad

WizzTV uses third party apps for apple devices
  available to download from the Apple store
Bypass VPN is not available with these devices
Wizztv is
also not responsible for these apps
any updates needed need to go to our developers


Purple Player IPTV app

Download Purple player
Click on the login by code
enter: ###### (Code is provided in your subscription email)

Choose server: LIVE TV & VOD
Enter your username & password and login


purple player iptv

Supa Legancy IPTV app

1.   Download and install The App from Apple playtore

2.   Press the Login By Code

3.   Enter the code ##### (provided in your email), tick remember me then sign in

4.   Login with your WizzTV Account Username & password provided

supa legency iptv
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